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Thespian Troupe 909
Paly is a proud member of the International Thespian Society, an honorary organization committed to recognizing exellence in the theatre arts.

Wow! Paly Thespian Troupe 909 won significant awards in the California State Festival this year, 2016. Sixty-two Thespian troupes from across the state, with approximately 1,200 Thespians were in attendance.  Paly’s Thespian Troupe 909 earned:

 Four statewide First Places

  • ·      Katherine Yan (Stage Management IE)
  • ·      Edward Park (Sound Design IE)
  • ·      Nadia Leinhos (Monologue IE)
  • ·      Mia Trubelja (Monlogue IE -- ties in placement are given based on points earned)

Three statewide Second Places

  • ·      Charlotte Moffatt (Stage Management)
  • ·      Katherine Yan (Lighting Design)
  • ·      Jackson Kienitz (Monologue IE)

Congratulations to our students!


For a complete list of the troupe’s Festival accomplishments click here.

More great news from Paly's Theatre Department. Paly Thespian Nadia Leinhos was asked to give her award winning speech in support of the arts on the California Senate floor. With her help Senate Bill 916 – the Theatre and Dance Act (TADA!) – has passed its first hurdle in the legislative process. By a vote of 9 to 0, the Senate Education Committee voted to send the bill on to the Senate Appropriations Committee for its approval.

From the California Alliance for Arts Education Press Release:

Senator Ben Allen (D-Los Angeles) presented the bill, stating, “To tell people who have earned a degree in dance or theatre that they can’t teach in their respective fields unless they get a credential in PE or English is a disservice to them as teachers, to their students, and the subject matter.”

Nadia Leinhos, a sixteen-year-old theatre student from Palo Alto, spoke, “Having passionate, dedicated teachers ensures that an education in the theatre and dance will give us access to ways of thinking and doing that broaden our mindset and worldview. I think every child deserves that opportunity.”

Actress Annette Bening testified in support of the bill. She stated, “I would not be where I am without the benefit of the gifted, experienced teachers I encountered along the way who guided and supported my development. Our students deserve no less — that is, to be taught by highly qualified teachers who have been trained in the technique and knowledge that enables students to excel in the classroom, teachers who have earned credentials in their given subject.”

L-R: Annette Bening, Nadia Leinhos, Senator Ben Allen 2016


Troupe 909 attends the NorCal Tech/Leadership Conference, September 6, 2014

Troupe 909 at the International Thespian Festival, held in Lincoln, Nebraska, June 2013